Haunted Hometown: Tulsa Spirit Tours

A place is defined by it’s past – or the ghosts that are left behind. Tulsa, OK is no different than any other city in the U.S. , or in the world for that matter, because it has its fair share of ghosts.

I had the privilege to go on a Tulsa Spirit Tour a few days before Halloween this year! If you are a Tulsa history buff, you are interested in a city’s history, or just love a good ghost story – you need to a book a tour. They offer a variety of different tours throughout the year, but my husband and my friends and I chose the classic haunted Tulsa bus excursion. I went on the tour about ten years ago when it was a Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa (P.I.T.T.) Tour. Teri French, founder of P.I.T.T. and her ghost hunting colleagues are still a part of that team, but have upgraded and transformed their haunted tours since then and now call them “Tulsa Spirit Tours”.

I wanted to share a little bit about all of the haunted and fascinating spots we went to but each tour is slightly different – I won’t go into too much detail, because I want to ensure that I don’t giveaway too many intriguing facts so that YOU can experience a tour someday for yourself!

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Haunted Hometown: The Brady Theater

haunted hometown brady theater

I have some of my fondest memories at the 104-year-old Brady Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Everything from seeing STOMP! and the Beatles Tribute band with my family when I was a child, to experiencing the exhilarating sounds and fantastic performances from bands such as Vampire Weekend, Death Cab for Cutie, Cold War Kids, the Naked and Famous, Metric, Weezer and so much more in my high school years to early-20’s. Most notably, my husband proposed to me inside this haunted structure on April 13, 2012 (on my 21st birthday) during the Avett Brothers concert while they played their song “January Wedding.” Not only does this location hold a history for me personally, but it also is woven deep into Tulsa’s history and tells the history of the spirits that haunt it. Continue reading “Haunted Hometown: The Brady Theater”

Haunted Hometown: The Thomas Gilcrease House

haunted hometown tg house

I’ll be doing a new series on the blog highlighting haunted locations in my own hometown of Tulsa, OK. Many of these spots I learned about during a P.I.T.T. (Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa) tour I went on in 2009.  During the tour, our last stop was here at the Thomas Gilcrease house on the Gilcrease Museum grounds. I remember our tour guide sharing that this site was one of the most actively haunted sites in Tulsa. Being an art history nerd, I’ve visited the Gilcrease Museum and grounds many times, and I have not personally experienced anything supernatural, but many visitors, especially museum staff have reported some eerie encounters.

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Salem: The Food and Libations

As mentioned in my previous Salem post, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to grab a bite or a drink in Witch City! I clearly was incredibly hungry during my trip (I blame it on all the walking) because I seem to have failed to photograph any of the food I ate, however, if I’m writing about it here – it was definitely good for me to be able to remember it!

If you’re in Salem be sure to check these places out:

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Salem: The Sights

I will be doing a series of posts highlighting some of my favorites sights and things to do when I visited Salem, Massachusetts last October. Salem was an experience unlike any other town. The macabre history of the hysteria and horror that was that was the Salem Witch Trials seems to be ever present throughout the town. It’s incredible to think an event like that is what helped to set the civility and due processes we have today. As you stroll among the quaint shops and streets you also feel that you, yourself have stepped back into time and are looking upon the same structures, buildings, trees and seaside that settlers before also looked upon. It’s a true connection to history  – and a haunting one at that.

Welcome to Salem…I’ve highlighted some of the sights I recommend in no particular order!

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